Street Mobile Food Cart

We are highly efficient professional customized manufacturers to meet the diversified needs of customers

Car outside custom color and skin, suitable for all kinds of commercial street or self leisure theme
More space inside the car, functional zoning clear, complete supporting facilities

The material selection of the vehicle is super high quality, strong internal and external plasticity, to meet the customized needs of multiple forms of business

Traction dining car or power dining car can be fast installation, quick landing, low transport costs, fast return on investment.

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  • 15-30days
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Mobile Chinese food snack truck

small food trailer

To attract the scene, to the atmosphere to infect customers, attract more people stop, let the mobile trailer become a beautiful scenery line.


In fact, in recent years, this type of car is very popular in Europe and the United States, especially tide, especially fan, fashion and very simple.


The elegant streamline proportion and dynamic metal lines of this car can make the body outline full of personality. The most important thing is to customize the size and select the internal space according to different needs, which can meet the configuration of various business types, has strong plasticity, and can create more convenient business experience.


Cool Breeze This food trailer, with the iconic metal appearance, the whole body is full of highlights, hard shell structure, a full range of showing the cool body itself.

The sales window shape of aircraft portholes, with all the details of exposed rivets, highlights a retro fashion. If neon light boxes or LED light belts are installed, coupled with open interactive Windows, the purchase and management will become more interesting.

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