Weifang Alaike Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful scenery, convenient transportation of Shandong Weifang City Qingzhou. The company is an enterprise specializing in new energy vehicles, electric forklifts, electric sightseeing vehicles, electric transport vehicles and other special mechanical equipment and electric recreational vehicles.

The company has welding, coating, electrophoresis, assembly, stamping and other four automotive process production workshops. With Longmen processing center, vertical processing center and various advanced scientific research, production equipment dozens of sets, manufacturing and processing capacity in the industry advanced level.




At present, the main models that accept customization are electric micro card, truck, traction dining truck, food trailer, electric forklift, etc. All kinds of environmental handling tools based on new energy customized models sell well at home and abroad to help enterprises and individuals achieve green handling.

The company always adhere to the "only, only fine, only real, only new" business philosophy, adhere to the "market-oriented, sensitive and fast, science and technology support, dynamic optimization, marketable, sales production" business philosophy, in the opportunity for development, has become a large scale new energy customized vehicle production enterprises in Shandong.

Factory Show

  • Orders for custom electric trucks, electric forklifts and trailers are in progress

  • With five thousand square workshop new energy customized models full order

    At present, our entire new energy vehicle exports surge, and customized handling series demand is also originally higher, like our factory to accept customized production models: Electric micro card, food trailer, electric forklift, electric truck, electric plate truck and other models, including the electric fire truck used in the factory and the electric sweeper to improve the environmental protection of the city, are gradually going to the world, by Southeast Asia and other regions like and favor, they visit our factory many times, customize the above models.

  • One-to-one customization of new energy models, 15-30 days delivery

    Our factory is mainly engaged in the customization of new energy vehicle series, including food trailer, electric forklift, electric truck and truck, mobile RV and other models. In recent years, the overseas supply quantity has been increasing year by year. Guided by the market demand, the company constantly improves the ability to develop new models, and constantly improves the details of mature models, so as to achieve more cost-effective one-to-one customization for the enterprise. As shown in the picture, are the photos of our different models and workshops, welcome bosses and buyers from all over the world to come to the factory to negotiate.


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