Mobile Fruit And Vegetable Sales Through Train

Mobile Fruit And Vegetable Sales Through Train,

Name: Mobile fruit and Vegetable Truck
Use area: depending on the size of the car surface
Maximum allowable load: 500KG
Vehicle weight: 1530KG
Battery pack voltage :5 PCS /60V
Business window: two-side business window

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  • 15-30days
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  Mobile Fruit And Vegetable Sales Through Train.

This kind of car is a one-time investment, with the car for the shop, and can be operated by many people, large space without crowding, as shown in the picture above, according to the characteristics of the goods sold, do the decoration of the car body.


●Fruit and vegetable mobile selling truck can make the business move, combined with the local commercial characteristics, more distinctive; Make the business hot.

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●Power and no power can be customized, one minute to quickly build a commercial platform

You can move freely, so you don't have to worry about customers;

The whole car supports customization, spring, summer, autumn and winter are not affected by the season can provide services, make money;

●It is a commercial model with small investment and big return.

As an operator, there is no need for rent, and the business form can be changed at any time. The operation space of various matches allows operators to have the most comfortable sense of operation.


Q: Is your company a manufacturer of electric food trucks or unpowered mobile food trailers?

A: Yes, we are a full-series new energy model customization manufacturer. Mobile food trailer is our main model with high annual sales.


Q: In addition to the current models on display, can you customize them according to demand? Dimensions and specifications Interior including equipment and so on.

A: Customization is acceptable. Except for conventional models, most of the dining cars are based on the actual needs of customers, size and interior decoration, including the required equipment we can purchase on our behalf.


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