Mobile Juice And Beverage Truck

Mobile pizza truck is a common economic food truck, with sufficient daily stock, which can basically do 2 containers per week.

Suitable for food and beverage processing plants,
Restaurant, household, food store, restaurant, as a truck mobile store

It is applicable to commercialstreets, amusement parks andcultural and tourismscenic spots.Have Yan have material can cute can sweet taste very good

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  • 15-30days
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can cute can sweet taste very good

More details show:


   Mobile Juice And Beverage Truck.  This kind of car is a good model for commercial streets and young people's fun dating. In the era of fast food, the pace of life is fast, and the pizza hot dog lamp fast food form is favored by young people with a fast pace of life.

  Mobile pizza truck. This kind of car is represented by small circle and square, and there are also breeze models made of mirror stainless steel and glass fiber reinforced plastic. The basic parameters are as follows:


 We are highly efficient professional customized manufacturers to meet the diversified needs of customers

 Car outside custom color and skin, suitable for all kinds of commercial street or self leisure theme

 More space inside the car, functional zoning clear, complete supporting facilities



 Suitable for a variety of scenarios, suitable for a variety of business forms.

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