Moving Shop

At present, the workshop has a stock for the export of regular dining car models. Relatively speaking, the delivery cycle is relatively short, and the size, specifications and interior decoration procurement are relatively mature. Basically, the frequency of a cabinet per week.

Moving Shop Suitable for food and beverage processing plants,
Restaurant, household, food store, restaurant, as a truck mobile store

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  • 15-30days
  • Information

Traveling party barbecue truck

Mobile tacos dining car

mini mobile food truck

Mobile shop, suitable for all kinds of scenes, suitable for all kinds of business forms, especially mirror breeze style, we are equipped with mechanical brake, at the same time with two safety chains, almost all models of general use.


Four tires with 4 x 5 holes, with 185/60 R14 inflatable or solid.


With four upright jacks.

Traveling party barbecue truck

You can see our warehouse real shooting, workshop real shooting, there are many common models of stock, in most cases delivery is very fast;

Workshop small round, square or wind series tractor-trailer can be used as a commercial street or personal mobile shops, and then according to the business needs of the interior configuration, household, food stores, restaurants, truck mobile shops can be used

 General base parameter reference 

Maximum apparent size


Driving type

Fixed traction

Tyre specification


Maximum load


Usable area


Floor form


Exterior wall type

Aluminum plate

Quality of maintenance


Turning radius


Standard product arrangement

The whole car is standard

Product selection

Paint and lay out cabinets

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