Electric Mobile Food Truck

Electric food truck is a kind of food truck, with good mobility, not subject to site constraints, small appearance and other characteristics. Suitable for urban and factory food delivery needs. The appearance is simple and atmospheric. Electric dining car consists of three parts: electrical system, chassis, body.
Three core components: battery, motor, electric control.

To meet the needs of diversified business flexible switching free combination in the master

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mobile food truck

Maximum apparent size


Driving type

Fixed traction

Tyre specification


 Maximum load


  Usable area


   Floor form


Exterior wall type

Aluminum plate

Quality of maintenance


Turning radius


Standard product arrangement

The whole car is standard

 Product selection

Paint and lay out cabinets

electric food truckmobile food truckelectric food truck

●3+1 sink with baffle   1 hot and cold faucet    2 standard stainless steel faucets

●Horizontal Clean Bucket 1X25L

  Horizontal Waste Water Bucket 1X25L

  There is a water injection port outside and a water outlet under the car

Stainless steel workbench 500mm wide,850mm high

 Below is the cabinet + sliding door

There is a shelf in the middle

The door has a ring handle

No welding spot on the surface of the table

We are highly efficient professional customized manufacturers to meet the diversified needs of customers

Car outside custom color and skin, suitable for all kinds of commercial street or self leisure theme

More space inside the car, functional zoning clear, complete supporting facilities


The material selection of the vehicle is super high quality, strong internal and external plasticity, to meet the customized needs of multiple forms of business

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