Portable Food Truck

Portable Food Truck.This kind of car is a good model for commercial streets and young people's fun dating. In the era of fast food, the pace of life is fast, and the pizza hot dog lamp fast food form is favored by young people with a fast pace of life.

Environmental protection

  • shandong.china
  • 15-30days
  • Information



Basic Parameter

Basic Configuration

This parameter is optional


Maximum appearance size


 Headlights *1

light box/light belt/light word /LED screen


Use area


 power amplifier *1

integral stainless steel cabinet/multi-layer shelves


Business window

double side business window

horn *2

all kinds of cooking equipment/freezer


Drive type

can be mobile

 embossed steel plate

heatingandcoolingair conditioning/distribution box


Maximum load


universal wheel *4

 wash basin, electric faucet, double bucket


Mechanical brake with hand brake

With 2 safety chains,

●A type traction frame, plated surface, silver


● The chassis and traction rack are sprayed with a layer of silver before delivery

Color anticorrosive paint


Q: Is your company a manufacturer of electric food trucks or unpowered mobile food trailers?

A: Yes, we are a full-series new energy model customization manufacturer. Mobile food trailer is our main model with high annual sales.


Q: In addition to the current models on display, can you customize them according to demand? Dimensions and specifications Interior including equipment and so on.

A: Customization is acceptable. Except for conventional models, most of the dining cars are based on the actual needs of customers, size and interior decoration, including the required equipment we can purchase on our behalf.

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