Square Food Trailer

Square Food Trailer
1. Economy;
2. Practicality;
3. Convenience;
4. Universality

Electric food truck is a kind of food truck, with good mobility, not subject to site constraints, small appearance and other characteristics. Suitable for urban and factory food delivery needs. The appearance is simple and atmospheric. Electric dining car consists of three parts: electrical system, chassis, body.
Three core components: battery, motor, electric control.

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small ice cream trailer

catering trailer

small ice cream trailer                  

Mechanical brake with hand brake

With 2 safety chains,

●A type traction frame, plated surface, silver.color

● The chassis and traction rack are sprayed with a layer of silver before delivery

Color anticorrosive paint

catering trailer

●Square horizontal bucket

Clean bucket 1X25L

Waste water bucket 1X25L

● Water inlet pipe metal copper pipe

● External water injection port with key

●There is a water outlet under the car, a hole under the car, and

The diameter of waste pipe is the same size. Don't be too

Large, avoid entering insects.

●There is a connection port next to the plastic water tank

small ice cream trailer


Q: Is your company a manufacturer of electric food trucks or unpowered mobile food trailers?

A: Yes, we are a full-series new energy model customization manufacturer. Mobile food trailer is our main model with high annual sales.


Q: In addition to the current models on display, can you customize them according to demand? Dimensions and specifications Interior including equipment and so on.

A: Customization is acceptable. Except for conventional models, most of the dining cars are based on the actual needs of customers, size and interior decoration, including the required equipment we can purchase on our behalf.


Q: Are the general delivery times and transportation modes supported?

A: The delivery of conventional models takes 15-30 days, and the appointment of special customized models depends on the quantity. Usually, the delivery is no problem. The transportation mode can provide various wooden boxes packing or LCL or ship transportation.


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