One Ton Electric Truck

One ton electric truck, small environmental transport vehicle
On-site transport
Urban distribution
Express logistics, business and other delivery goods

One ton of electric truck, supporting the whole car accessories customization, the current single and double row annual sales of about 5000, a great convenience for short distance small load cargo transportation needs of enterprises.

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  • 15-30days
  • Support customization; Both retail and wholesale are acceptable
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One ton of electric truck .the current sales of a relatively concentrated model, can be single row or double row, only in the size of the model and the number of passenger seats are different.

Parameter distinction:

electric cargo trucks

Single Row Two Seat Electric truck

Appearance difference:

full electric vans

electric cargo trucks

Interior differences:

Single Row Two Seat Electric truck

full electric vans

electric cargo trucks

The above pictures are one-ton electric truck, respectively from the size of the parameters, vehicle appearance and single and double row interior decoration of the difference; Enterprises and individuals can customize the most appropriate cost-effective models according to specific use needs.

Single Row Two Seat Electric truck

full electric vans

One ton of electric truck Power supply:

It provides electricity to the drive motor of an electric vehicle, which converts electricity from the source into mechanical energy. At present, our factory customized new energy models, the most widely used power supply is mainly lead-acid battery (maintenance free type) and lithium battery.

One ton of electric truck Working principle

The power of an electric van works in cycles like this:

Accumulator - current - power regulator - motor - powertrain - drives the car


Q: Is it a manufacturer of single and double row electric trucks and trucks?

A: Yes, we are a manufacturer. Whether it is a single row of electric trucks or a double row of electric microcards, we can provide the whole vehicle parts, and we can also produce, assemble and sell the whole vehicle.


Q: Is it OK for individuals to buy one? Do you support wholesale?

A: It supports customization, retail and wholesale. In order to save transportation cost, 3-4 sets per container are recommended as output.


Q: What is the quality and after-sales service, and the lead time?

A: For common models, we will have appropriate stock, so the supply cycle can be 15-30 days, customized models, according to the quantity, vehicle warranty for one year, no worries after sale. 

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