Battery Car For Transporting Goods In Factory Area

Battery car for transporting goods in factory area
Commonly used factory handling battery pickup trucks can be customized according to the actual use of the load needs of the tonnage, according to the load situation customized carriage length, including the right rudder cab model, the whole car accessories are supported.

The factory workshop has the original cab, chassis and other stock to support mass customization. Battery car for transporting goods in factory area.At present, our factory moving battery trucks have been exported to Spain, Brazil, Indonesia, Nepal, Singapore, Belarus and other countries and regions, looking forward to cooperating with more enterprises around the world.

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  • 15-30days
  • Customization, retail, wholesale
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Battery car for transporting goods

Single and Double Row Manned Electric Truck

Basic parameters:

Parameter content

Parameter value

Appearance size (mm)


Rear carriage size (mm)


Carrying capacity (persons)


 Deadweight (kg)

1000  customizable

The maximum range (km)


Maximum climbing grade (km)


Maximum speed (km/h)


Turning radius (m)



Special intelligent charger

Battery pack (V)


Motor Power (w)


Product highlights: electric truck equipped with professional industrial truck frame, the frame is rust and corrosion resistance, more solid structure, doing so will help keep the electric truck service life is longer. Weighted transaxle design, according to the actual load matching. The transaxle of the electric truck contains a unique design of the combined rear axle, which effectively reduces the vibration of the chassis and the noise of the motor, making the driving experience more pleasant, and can effectively reduce pollution to achieve environmental protection and green transport.

 Electric pickup truck

Battery car for transporting goods


Q: Is it a manufacturer of single and double row electric trucks and trucks?

A: Yes, we are a manufacturer. Whether it is a single row of electric trucks or a double row of electric microcards, we can provide the whole vehicle parts, and we can also produce, assemble and sell the whole vehicle.


Q: Is it OK for individuals to buy one? Do you support wholesale?

A: It supports customization, retail and wholesale. In order to save transportation cost, 3-4 sets per container are recommended as output.


Q: What is the quality and after-sales service, and the lead time?

A: For common models, we will have appropriate stock, so the supply cycle can be 15-30 days, customized models, according to the quantity, vehicle warranty for one year, no worries after sale. 

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