Welcome Indian customers to negotiate at the factory

Electric micro card

  The Indian client came to our factory this time mainly to negotiate the operation and sales of electric transport vehicles with a right steering wheel in the Indian region


Regarding the configuration of electric transport vehicles and the cost-effectiveness suitable for the local market, we conducted data analysis based on actual vehicles in the workshop, compared parameters, and focused on discussing areas for improving configuration.

I really appreciate the Indian customers of the factory. They are a father and son who already have sales experience in electric new energy two wheel, three wheel and other models in the local area, so they have a considerable market research and foundation.

In order to fully cooperate with customers in the local market for the sales of customized new energy vehicles. We can fully mass produce electric forklifts and electric micro trucks, and also provide full vehicle support. We are willing to offer the best cost-effective electric trucks with enough sincerity.

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  Hope more and more international customers come to our factory, sincerely invite, negotiate, help each other, and achieve mutual success!

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